Get More Blog Posts Shares On Social Media

If no one shares your blog posts on social media do they really exist? How can you get more of the right people to share your posts on social media? This is part two of a series that accompanies the workbook ‘How to get the right people to read your blog’.

Why is it important to get more social media shares?

  • Grow your audience
  • Social proof

How do you get more shares on your blog posts?

1. Guest posts

A great way to get social media shares, because your guest author has incentive to share their work on your blog!

2. Influencer Roundup Posts

Getting input on a specific topic from a panel of experts and sharing on your blog.

3. Interviews

What sort of person does your reader find interesting? Who do they look up to? Who has the information they need?

4. Curated roundup posts

A curated roundup posts a collection of links to articles and blog posts related to a specific topic.

5. Controversy

This is a dangerous strategy but if you are sure it will fit your brand it could be a sharing goldmine.

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