Why Am I Losing Instagram Followers?

It feels great to launch an Instagram account, start posting, and watch the follower count go up—“they like me, they really like me!” People value your content enough to want to follow you so more of what you’re posting will show up in their Instagram feeds.  What doesn’t feel good? When you see that number sliding back down.

Here are a few reasons people unfollow others on Instagram:

Overly promotional content strategy

If every post you publish looks like a desperate sales ad, you might lose followers. You can offer promotions and deals on Instagram, but if the same content is repeated and insistent, your broken record becomes your empty follower list.

Solution: First, tone it down.

Posting too frequently

You might lose followers if your posts come in such rapid succession that people are inundated with your content and have a hard time seeing other types of content in their feed.

Solution: Scale back.

A content drought

Although you can go through eras of lower frequency, stopping altogether will certainly hurt you. If you haven’t engaged with users or published a post in a long time, at some point your followers will think they are following an abandoned account. This may lead to some unfollows.

Solution: Keep it going.

Inappropriate posts

Some people will unfollow an account if they feel the content, or even the tone of the content, is inappropriate. What is inappropriate? This depends on the audience.

Solution: Know what is appropriate to your audience.

You’re using software that violates Instagram’s Platform Policy

Instagram states in its Platform Policy that it does not allow other platforms to “use the Instagram APIs to post automated content to Instagram, including likes and comments that were not initiated and entered by an Instagram user.”

If you use a software that violates this policy, your Instagram account could be “shadow banned,” or worse, deleted.

Solution: Only use social media management software that abides by Instagram’s policies.

Buying followers

Sure, buying followers can increase your follower count in the short term. However, you’re not buying real followers; you’re buying bot accounts. And bot accounts usually get discovered by Instagram and purged. Remember the great purge of 2014?

Whatever you buy you’ll likely lose again in the long term.

Solution: First, stop obsessing over vanity metrics.

You’re a victim of others’ follow tactics

If you gain a little or lose a little here and there, don’t worry. There are many accounts out there that follow lots of Instagram users with the hopes that they will get followers in return. You may get followed by a few accounts, only to see them leave in a few days. This has nothing to do with your own strategy and more to do with tactics others are using to increase their followers.

Solution: Don’t blame yourself for these unfollowers. They follow only to gain your followback, then they unfollow.

Ready to stop losing Instagram followers?

To avoid many of these issues that lead to losing Instagram followers, be yourself. Social media marketing uses different technologies and platforms, but in the end, it’s all about human relationships. People tend to “unfollow” for the same reasons online that they do in real life.

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